september goals

#1) Set budget for Boston trip. I really want to go and have fun and explore, but I also want to keep my spending in check. It’s easy to go crazy on vacation spending money – I want to balance seeing the sites and eating delicious food with my budget!

#2) Run 2.75 miles in one go. On Wednesday, I ran 2 miles at one time. My goal is to make it to 2.75 miles by the end of the month, because I am due to run a 5k on October 19th!

#3) Begin saving to buy my parents a rad anniversary gift. Their anniversary is in November, and I’d like to get them something nice. I still have no idea what that something nice is, but I’m going to save for it!

#4) Decide whether or not to upgrade my Mac right now. I have the money put aside, and my laptop is painfully slow. However, I don’t use it very often so it’s not a gigantic problem at the moment. Also, I know that Apple is having their annual September release fest, and depending on what is announced at that meeting will affect the prices of other Apple products. Therefore, I want to wait until after that happens to make any hard and fast decisions. Otherwise, I might wait until closer to the holidays when retailers offer awesome incentives. Even though Apple prices are rarely affected, sometimes you are able to score a pretty nice gift card if you wait!

#5) Work on my photography side venture. I’ve been quiet about that, but I am pursuing a side hack of photography with another shutter-happy friend. Nothing will start until closer to the holidays (she has a current business partner and needs to tie up loose ends there), but I’m hoping to get some details set up now and start planning ways to make this profitable. I love having a little bit of side money to squirrel away.

What are your goals for September?


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