august goals recap

It’s been awhile.

No excuses. Life has been busy.

How did August go, goal-wise? Pretty well, I think!

1.)    Put all my unwanted books on Amazon. Partial Success.  I found out that I would be going to a HUGE used bookstore a few hours away in September. Instead of putting the books up on Amazon, which would mean that I had to keep track of it, I decided to use the books for credit at that used bookstore. I may have made more cash on Amazon, but a)it’s not certain and b) trading at the used bookstore is SO MUCH LESS HASSLE! Therefore, the books are pulled and waiting, but I changed my strategy a little bit.

2.)    Try a weird, foreign food in Iceland. SUCCESS! I tried horse meat, mussels, and whale. Mussels may not be that strange, but it was weird to me! I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone on this, which was pretty awesome!

3.)    Run for 10 minutes in one stretch. SUCCESS! I made it happen somehow! Believe it or not, I actually ran for 25 minutes in one stretch – totally blowing my goal out of the water! I was really excited.

4.)    Pay for wedding expenses from budget, don’t go overboard! SUCCESS! For the wedding I attended this last weekend, I managed to stay within my budget. I always seem to go overboard on gifts, and since it was a good friend getting married, I knew I might be swept up in the sentiment of the occasion. However, I resisted! They still got an awesome present (at least, I think it’s pretty awesome 😉 and I stayed within my budget. Win-win!

5.)    Decide on another trip to start planning. SUCCESS! I decided to take a short, solo trip to Boston in November. I’m excited/nervous about it. It will be the first time I am traveling all by my onesie – but I think I will enjoy it. I am a little nervous, but it’s the good sort of nervous, not the bad kind!

Sorry I am behind on my September goals – I am still trying to recover from this whirlwind weekend!

How did you do in August with your goals?


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