july goals recap

How did I do in July?

July was a crazy, crazy, hectic, super fun/super stressful month. I feel like all things considered, I did a good job keeping it together  financially!

1.) Make it to Week 4 of the Couch to 5k program. SUCCESS! Made it through Week 4 just in time to leave for Iceland. We’ll see how I do once I come home after having had a 12 day break, but I did it! If I can keep up this pace, I will be ready for the 5k!

2.) Save another $150 for my trip before I leave. SUCCESS! I’m also really glad I did this one, because one of my travel buddies and I snagged a NYC hotel room on Groupon at a ridiculously discounted rate, and the extra that I saved covered it! Yay for savings!

3.) Go through my bookshelves and put any unused/unwanted books on Amazon to sell. FAIL. I wanted to make this happen so bad! I thought about it at multiple times during the month, but I never made time to do it. This one is carrying over until August, maybe September (fingers crossed! I have a busy season ahead of me!).

4.) Attend one free community event. SUCCESS! One Thursday a month, my town does a sidewalk arts stroll on the same night that they do the farmers market. This year for the first time ever, food trucks were allowed to come out. There were artists, musicians, farmers, and food trucks all in one night! It was awesome. My fella and I even ended up on the news for being one of the first people at the cupcake truck! What can I say, fat people problems 😉

5.) Make smarter produce choices! SUCCESS! I managed to reduce, although not eliminate most of my produce waste. This meant planning ahead and picking produce that was versatile enough that I could use it up, but still remain cost-effective. It was really difficult, because this time of the year our area gets AWESOME produce! Somehow, I resisted and only bought what I needed instead of getting crazy with it. Now if I can just make that a pattern and not get tempted  by local peaches…

Did you meet your goals in July?


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