how did I do in June?

How did I do in June? Let’s revisit my June goals and talk about my successes and fails.

1.)    Pay off my refrigerator. SUCCESS!  I paid this bad boy off in a HURRY. It did mean that I had to pick up more hours at work, which led to me being exhausted for a good chunk of the month. However, now I can say that I OWN my refrigerator outright 😉 I’m pretty excited about that!

2.)    Finish saving for a new laptop. SUCCESS! At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it – I was still working hard to catch up on the havoc that May brought.  However,  I did it! I will be able to purchase that gleaming new piece of technology with cold, hard cash when I decide to make my decision. I would like to note that this time last year, that account sat at a mere $368.21. In a years’ time, I’ve been able to bump that number up to $1,694.10! I didn’t start really contributing to this account until May of 2012, and I have somewhat passively saved for it (except for the last few months). It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind toward it!

3.)    Contribute to my Roth IRA. SUCCESS! Although it is just a small amount, I’m determined to make it a habit. Downside: when I first set this up in 2008, I set it up as a CD which doesn’t mature until September of this year. I’m really unhappy with who it is currently through, because they have changed their processes and made it an act of Congress to make a deposit. Therefore, when this term is up, I am switching banks! Positive note: When I set this up, CD’s still had a fairly good rate of return. Therefore, I have earned a decent rate of interest on this account, even though it has just sat for a lot of its’ existence.

4.)    Work on re-establishing meal plans. FAIL. Although I did plan some meals out in June, I didn’t plan out as many as I wanted to, and I ate out waaaaay too much – it is reflected in my Dining Out budget, which was almost $100 over! Most of the overages were from meeting up with long-lost friends for a nice meal out – this happened multiple times over the month, and all but one occasion were last minute. I don’t want to make excuses for my overages – it is ultimately my decision. However, I also value my social relationships and I don’t mind fudging on meals out if I am not strapped for cash and I am seeing a friend I haven’t spent time with in a long time.

5.)    Pay for Iceland in cash. SUCCESS! Unless Iceland slaps me in the face with obnoxiously high prices on EVERY SINGLE THING, I think I have this one taken care of! I still want to contribute $150 to my account before I leave on the 26th, but even if I don’t, I should be fine. The goal is mainly to keep myself in the practice of contributing to my travel account EVERY MONTH.

I think June was a pretty good month for goal keeping! Meal planning looks better so far for July, minus the end where I will be out of the country.

How are you doing with your latest set of goals?


2 thoughts on “how did I do in June?

    • Becky says:

      Thanks for the link! My retirement savings are pitiful right now, but I’m trying to make it a habit so that when my income increases, my contributions will increase too!!

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