life lately

I’m just writing a little post to let you know I’m still here!

I have a lot of cool posts planned for this blog, but alas, summertime is filling up my every waking moment and making it hard for me to sit down and write!

For example, here is a look at my week:

Sunday: left my grandparents house to drive home (4.5 hour drive), went grocery shopping, did all my laundry, cooked dinner, did fruit and veggie prep for the rest of the week, got an awful case of food poisoning from letting an egg be TOO over easy.

Monday: still trying to fight off death from food poisioning. Decide to work out, go at it for an hour and then realize I was pushing too hard. Take a 20 min nap, eat lunch, go to work at my second job for 9 hours. Come home, collapse in bed.

Tuesday: Get called into work at my second job. So sleepy that I agree to come in thinking that is Monday, when it is actually Tuesday. Call main job and explain how dumb I am and how I will be late (it’s flex hours, so it’s not a huge deal) Leave from there, work 6 hours at my main job, go to my volunteer gig and take care of the cats. Come home, change, go out for dinner and search for presents for a friends’ wedding (no presents found, but a frozen yogurt stop was made. It was ‘date’ night!). Collapse into bed.

Wednesday: Wake up 2 hours earlier than normal for NO APPARENT REASON. Decide to go for a run. Almost die because humidity is 1000%. Meet my mom at the gym, get our workout on, and then head to work. Worked a full day, then came home with the intention of taking a short nap – but instead, get surprised by dinner from my boyfriend. Eat dinner, hang out with him, then meet up with a friend for drinks – it was his 21st birthday and I promised I’d buy him a drink or two. Come home, roommate is feeling chatty, collapse into bed at 1:30.

Thursday: Wake up at 7:30, go to regular job. Work until 1, meet a friend for lunch. Run 97354354 errands. Try to come home to nap, but all tries of a nap are foiled, between a repairman showing up unannounced and the cats of the house deciding to sing me the song of their people. Frustrated, I give up trying to nap and cook dinner. Take a shower and get ready to leave for work as a massive thunderstorm hits the area. Get to work at 9:45pm, already tired. Inventory the store all night long. I keep telling myself it only happens once a year, I’ll be fine, but that doesn’t make it better.

Friday: When I finally get released from the building at 5am, I decide to go ahead and run on the local greenway because if I put it off until later, I would never do it. Get home and shower, crawl in bed about 7am. Wake up at 11 to the kitties giving an encore performance of the song of their people. Eat lunch, go to work, try not to fall asleep at my desk…

Saturday (future): 8:30 am yoga class, breakfast with a friend, a party for my boyfriend’s niece, copious amounts of yard work.

Sunday (future): Brunch with a friend I haven’t seen in awhile, participating in a local festival, another yoga class, cooking dinner for a friend and somehow trying to watch the Madmen season finale.

Trust me, I know life could be way worse and way busier. At different points in my past, that was my schedule. Right now, I’m feeling a little bit pulled in too many directions (although I’m making great progress on my June goals!!).

How is your week? Do you get so caught up in trying to fit everything into your schedule that some things that you really like (such as blogging) fall by the wayside?


My sleepy, “I’m-tired-of-counting-stuff” face


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