how did I do in May?

May was a month of ups and downs for me: I was elated to move into my first home, get it situated, and get settled. I was unhappy that I had to replace an entire AC unit. How did this relate to the goals I set for the month of May?

#1 – Brown bag more lunches. Mediocre success. If you want to be technical, I was very successful at this goal – I only bought my lunch at work twice the entire month. However, if you want the truth, I feel like saying I nailed this goal is a lie. Although I did a pretty decent job of not buying lunch, I bought an awful lot of breakfasts and dinners out – I went over my restaurant budget by $37, and that was eating mostly fast food! This month, I’m determined to work on this more. I want to do more meal planning in general, and I hope that a side result of that effort is that I will get more lunches to bring to work.

#2 – Pay for my Iceland trip in cash. Success. Despite all the house problems, I was still able to contribute $240.95 towards my trip. I also got reimbursed from other group members for reservations I made for us as a group and paid for in full, so that helped bring my numbers up to where they needed to be. My balance is looking pretty good in this account, and I’m not worried about accomplishing this goal anymore, barring any extraordinary circumstances. I still would like to continue contributing to this account, but I feel like I have finally stashed enough away that it doesn’t have to be my top priority.

#3 – Live below my means in spite of raises. Undetermined. This is a tricky one. I feel like I can’t truly determine whether I have been accomplishing this or not because my spending has been so atypical lately. During April and the first part of May, I spent very little because A) I didn’t want to have to move it and B) I was trying to save money so that way when I did move, I would have the cash flow to cover the expenses that would inevitably pop up. Once I closed on the house and started to move in, I spent a lot of money, but most of it was in categories that I typically never spend money in. For instance, how often do you buy ceiling fans? What about plungers? Although I had planned for those expenses, they are things that I typically don’t spend money on – so I guess what I am saying is that because my spending was atypical, I have no clear picture of how my spending compares to pre-raises, because of all of the unusual expenses. I think that June will be able to shine a lot more light on this than May did.

#4 – Save $200 towards a new laptop. Success. I did it! Even though it felt like the odds were against me, somehow I was able to make it happen. I’m now less than $200 away from my goal number, and I should be able to finish that in June. As long as my laptop doesn’t die, I think that I may wait to purchase a laptop until Apple announces their fall releases – that way, I may be able to get an even better price on the suddenly out-of-date technology. I don’t have to have the latest and greatest when it comes to technology, so Apple announcing a new Macbook would be a beautiful song to my ears.
There it is. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
Here’s to hoping June is a little more stable!


4 thoughts on “how did I do in May?

  1. healthfulsave says:

    I appreciate your blogging honesty about the breakfast and dinners out! Moving/buying a house always gets you out of sorts – maybe you’ll have more time for meal prep in months to come. How come you’re going to Iceland? Sounds amazing!

    • Becky says:

      One of my childhood friends graduated college in May this year, and we have both wanted to visit Iceland since we were in high school – interesting food, interesting music, beautiful and weird scenery – the whole works. We mutually decided we wanted this to be her “graduation” celebration, so we started saving for it around September last year, and will be traveling in July!

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