things i will spend money on and things i won’t

Recently, I saw a few personal finance blogs post about things the author would spend money on, and things they would not. You can check out the articles here: J. Money’s list , Em’s list, and Julia’s list. These lists got me thinking about things that I will pay for and will not pay for. Here is my consolidated list: 5 things I won’t pay for, and 5 things I will.

5 Things I will not spend money on:

1. Brand name canned vegetables. I can’t tell the difference between the store brand and the name brand, and the store brand is ALWAYS cheaper!
2. Floss. Of course I still floss, but I make sure to use the samples that the dentist gives me.
3. Expensive pillows. I want a good firm pillow, and the regular ones from the aisle at Target have always been just fine. No need to get extravagant.
4. Manicures. I love the way painted fingernails work, but it just does not last for me. Also, I hate fake nails. This is something I strictly do at home.
5. Traveler’s Checks. Although my father is convinced that traveler’s checks are still the way to go, I disagree. I love my AAA prepaid Visa card, and when I get ready to make an international trip, I just load that bad boy up and hit the road. The $4.95 reloading fee is worth it, because I don’t have to worry about my actual credit/debit card numbers being stolen or frozen, and there are no foreign transaction fees. Plus, if you lose the card or it is stolen, AAA will replace it with the remaining balance (speaking from experience. My dad’s was stolen in South Korea, and they replaced his quickly!). Traveler’s checks are completely obsolete in my opinion. ATM’s are everywhere.

5 Things I will spend money on (that others may consider an extravagance):

1. Pedicures. I just can’t make my feet feel as good when I do it myself. I generally still do my own pedicures, but about twice a year I will splurge and get myself a pedicure. The girl that always does mine does an excellent job, and it will usually last me 2 months before I have to redo it.
2. Brand name toliet paper. I don’t buy the top of the line brands with lotion on it and what not, but I am pretty picky when it comes to toliet paper. If it isn’t at least 2-ply, I don’t want it! The price difference is small enough that it doesn’t bother me.
3. A gym membership. Many people feel like you are wasting your money by paying for a gym, when you can do most of the things you need to do in order to stay fit for free or almost free at your house. This is true, but unfortunately I need the motivation. By paying for the membership, I feel like I need to go in order to get my money’s worth. That way, I’m still getting my exercise in instead of sitting on my couch.
4. A new book. I know that my grandmother would never pay for a new book. Used was the only way to go for her. I understand her thinking, and I have absolutely zero problems buying used books. However, I really love the look and feel of a new book. I also like to save all my books, so it’s nice to have a few new books in the collection.
5. Concert tickets. I’m a big believer in experiences. If a band is playing a concert near me that I really want to see and I can afford a ticket and the time off, then I’m there. The memories may fade a little, but the experience will never leave me.

What are things that you refuse to pay for? What are a few things that you will spend on that you know others weren’t?


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